play music and whatever but if you want to see things if you want to be able to chat with people if you want to watch videos if you want to you know follow a recipe while this is in your kitchen you are looking for a great way to do it this is the Amazon echo show it is the largest screen that we’ve done here that 10 inch size since 2018 and we have a better price than even Amazon because just your Amazon echo show on its own is 229 we’ve got it at 170 $9.

99 it is at a great price today we have flex pay you only pay the first $45 to get this home and remember not only do we have flex pay but we have that 90 day return policy which you know nobody is really doing out there of course our sister network is doing it as well so just choose your color not only do you have the ability to hear your music I like to hear my favorite DJs in the afternoon on talk radio you can do whatever ask it a history question my son is into Napoleon these days he’s 10 he’s you know very curious we ask questions remember that you have your Alexa digital assistant you can hear your music but now you can chat and see mom face-to-face or brother face-to-face we’re craving that connection and to be able to see the people we love Lori this little powerhouse does it all so all you have to do is choose your color we’ve got the charcoal or you can pick up the sandstone if you notice the bezel on the front is the same on both of them it’s just the back side of it that comes in different colors our sandstone is our most limited but when you think that we have an even better price than Amazon Lori it goes for 229 on Amazon by itself we’re winning and the only reason we do that because people will ask well how do you do that sometimes we partner with Amazon we work with Amazon what a great item especially now when we’re craving to see the people we love yeah I mean this connects you unlike anything else this is absolutely amazing technology and this is the big one guys this is the echo shoten everyone’s favorite assistant built right in that big smart display absolutely gorgeous it’s your digital photo frame at your assistant so let’s get her talking Alexa what can you do you can say things like sing a duet with ed Sheeran play the music I heard yesterday or teach me how to meditate anymore very good things right Alexa well I need an umbrella tomorrow is expected in st.

Petersburg tomorrow good to know and then look at this I mean huge display showing you everything if you’re listening to music you can use any of your music services this is a Bluetooth speaker that can connect wirelessly to your cell phone and you can even use it with your smart devices so I have a smart plug with my lamp plugged in Alexa turn on the lamp okay look at that you’re cooling right on Alexa turn off the lamp okay this makes it this switch you can always reach and you can use this with all of your smart home devices I’m a ring video doorbell user and you might be – Alexa show me my front door ok so if someone rings the front door I don’t have to reach for my phone I can just ask her and she shows me my front door on this big bright beautiful 10 inch display hearing the lyrics and being able to read them – your favorite song watching your favorite TV shows watching YouTube you can do it all here Alexa open HSN hello welcome to HSN you can ask about the today’s special so I was recently on an upcoming shows and more what can I help you watch live and that’s it you know it is more than just like a little smart speaker we’ve all got those and those have Alexa built in or you know your digital assistant that you can talk to built in this does more because now you can see your media you can see your videos you can see mom as she’s trying to help you with that recipe that you’re finally gonna be able to cook coz we’re kind of stuck at home it is that beautiful smart display yes you can have it you know on your favorite vacation pictures so now you can relive that every single day depending on what countertop you put it on you can watch TV shows you I mean you are literally you got the world on your countertop with this one cool device and that’s why these smart displays have been all the rage these days we haven’t had the large 10 inch size since 2018 so we’re really happy about this and we’ve got that best price anywhere there because normally it’s 229 on its own we’ve got it at 179 don’t forget that you don’t have to pay that full price upfront you can pay that first flex payment Rob the flex pay is $45 on a credit card flex because I don’t $45 on flex I’m just yeah I’m checking because sometimes the cards deceive but $45 is all you have to pay right now we ship it out to you and now you feel like you’re at mom’s home or you are at I mean I haven’t seen my boyfriend in over a month you know you feel like your loved ones are there with you because of that brilliant beautiful display I love this thing it’s got security features built-in Laurie because I know a lot of people that’s kind of what they’re worried about are they watching me are they hearing me you know they’ve thought of everything here they really did so one touch button right here to mute or unmute and this does have one of the coolest drop-in features that I’ve ever seen so if you’re buying this for an older family member somebody who feels a little bit isolated right now you can do that face-to-face video chat with them and once they approve it on their side one time to allow you to drop in you can always check on them so with you and I having older parents that we’re not able to see very often this is a wonderful way to stay connected so I’m gonna give you a call real quick okay yep Alexa call HSN host oh look at that it’s their call from Lori Leland Lori so cool I love it and look at how I mean everything how lifelike the colors the display I mean it’s like an awesome television on my countertop yeah it’s amazing right look at the beautiful visual that you’re getting I mean it’s absolutely gorgeous it surely is and so Lori as long as people have Wi-Fi right if you have internet you can go ahead and do this so when I get this home do I have to have an Amazon account like how does this work okay so you don’t have to have anything special really just Wi-Fi and power plug it right into Wi-Fi empower you’re up and running now if you want to use some of the cool advanced features just use your Amazon account it’s so good to see your beautiful you know idea this is so fun but you really have that great way to stay connected now with loved ones and you can see the looks on their faces and you know when I call my mom and dad I you know I want to check on them and see how they’re doing and my mom says oh yeah you know we’re okay but when I can check in she’s got one of the dots or one of the spots I shouldn’t say with the little screen I need to upgrade her to a bigger screen but when I check in on her and I can see her face it really reassures me that she really and truly is okay and you know what I mean and you feel like you’re there you feel like you’re home you know and and and you know if you can get your hands on this what a wonderful treat and remember you don’t have to pay that full price up front they only have to pay the first $45 flex pay we’ve got a better price than even Amazon it’s just a cool thing to have because it does everything else it plays your favorite music and your tunes and your play lists you can watch your videos I mean right before you called I was learning how to make salmon with asparagus you know you can learn side by side with it but when you want to communicate and feel that closeness that so many of us are missing you know this is this is the way you do it it really is I mean it really is it’s totally seamless completely and totally hands-free Wi-Fi power really that’s all you need for this it’s awesome very cool okay I’m hanging up on you bye love you bye look how easy I mean I could have talked to my mom in fact this is how we talked my mom and I my mom my parents my sister bought them another system so they don’t have this one but that’s how we check in on them as Laurie says and so we’re making it really easy for you to get those super advanced electronics we know you have a lot of options when it comes to these smart displays but this Amazon echo is absolutely beautiful the screen is brilliant and gorgeous at that 10 inch size it’s like you’ve got a mini TV on your counter in fact better graphics and even you know your TV set beautiful bright colors and the fact that it does it all it’s your digital assistant oh and Laurie had mentioned if you want to control some of the appliances in your home you need a smart plug we have them in stock right now Rob right so 500 left is all I have if you want to be able to have Alexa control your fan or your light or your appliances you need this smart plug it’s $34.

99 it’s $11 and change on a credit card payment but now you know wherever you put that smart plug you’re basically adding voice control to that you know to any outlet right so if you wanted to control that that fan that radio that whatever it is that you want to do you can go ahead and use that smart plug but Lori as long as you have internet I mean you’re up and running it’s super easy they make it great it is it’s a Wi-Fi photo frame so you can put photo photos right on it from your Amazon account you’re also getting a little case of also this is a fun wrap that you’re receiving for it that’s in the bundle as well you can customize yours and then a lot of us are using this like you said to get recipe ideas some inspiration in the kitchen my husband was joking the other day we had like a little bit of chicken and a bruised Apple how are we gonna make dinner Alexa I need a chicken and Apple recipe okay for chicken apple here’s a few recipes and look at this I mean she can go on and on and read them all to you and then you can add all of the ingredients to your list I mean it’s absolutely amazing all the different choices here so we went with the quesadilla because it was one of the easiest choices and it looked absolutely delicious but look at this total touchscreen maybe you need to do substitutions because right now you just don’t have all of your great quality ingredients Alexa what can I substitute for basil you can substitute one teaspoon of basil with one teaspoon basil 1 teaspoon of thyme so much great information and then you even can add things to your shopping list and it pops up right on your cell phone Alexa add toilet paper to my shopping list good luck girl it’s the one thing and find right and wish me luck I still can’t find it anywhere no I can’t even where it’s not even a joke it’s it’s terrible but here’s the thing oh well you know we are craving that closeness we are craving you know destruction and wonderful fun and you know maybe it’s time to try you know and make mom’s rice pudding my mom makes the best rice pudding maybe finally I’ll try I do you know my hand at it I can find the recipes I can hear my music I can hear my favorite you know talk DJs I can see mom I mean it’s just such a wonderful little powerhouse appliance and everywhere else and pretty much even on Amazon its 229 we have an HSN exclusive bundle we’re below that price and we’re even throwing in some great little goodies for you like three months of yoga international three months history vault a great little voucher to make a great little covering or what is it a tablet case it’s a little it’s a skin and it just it protects it and it customizes it and then Leslie the sound out of this echo shoten is amazing dual speakers Dolby sound you’re gonna be rocking out with this it’s amazing no this is something you want we haven’t had this screen size that beautiful color 10 inch size since 2018 we have an exclusive price on it it is on sale you only have to pay that first $45 we’re gonna ship it out to you at 7 1 5 3 7 3 Lori it’s so good to see you and chat with you please stay healthy friend thank you you too my love great to see you my darling all right and on to the iPad we’re talking about making the globe or the world small.

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