every week I get the question which oneof the major voice assistants do you use in your smart home? And the answer is allof them.

Why? So I can tell you which one is best for your home.

hello Automators thanks for tuning inagain I’m Brian from automate your life and today I’m going to take thefrustration out of automation by helping you choose the voice assistant for yourhome now this is going to be an extensive video because we are going toexplore eight different indices of how the voice assistant not only is a voiceassistant how it performs and where it’s best suited but also the ecosystem thatyou’re kind of buying into when you start to use one of these voices systemby the end of this I will declare a winner at least in most of thecategories and then what I will do is help you decide which one is going tofit into your smart home by kind of laying out a couple of those key pointsthat you would want as a person with a specific voice assistant now in case youdon’t understand some of the basics you’re just getting into the smart homeworld what is a voice assistant well right nowyou probably know that Amazon Google and Apple have one and there are a number ofothers out there as well and we’ll see one coming from Samsung here to theNorth American market but in general what they do is they respond to youafter you’ve woken them up with a specific wake word or a specific sets ofwake words and then you go ahead you ask your question or you give your commandand it responds through the use of different processing power in a lot ofcases it is cloud-based processing power that is housed by these companies GoogleAmazon and Apple okay locating keys let me go into aquick breakdown of which of the three voice assistants we’re talking about andthen kind of just some basic details about them we’ll start with the GoogleAssistant which was introduced to the public really in May of 2016 and sincethen has gone into the Google Home smart speakers the Google Nest devices as wellthis was a Google Home Hub at one point now it’s called the Google Nest hub sothey’re kind of transitioning to the words Google Nest it’s also shown up ineverything from the Nest IQ lineup of cameras there and Pixel phones orAndroid phones in general now not every Android phone has the Google Assistanton board google has also partnered with companies like Lenovo and JBL to createsmart displays with the Google Assistant on board and there are other speakersout there as well that have that voice assistant on board Amazon’s voiceassistant named Alexa, who shall not be named because it will enrage everyone who has one wasintroduced in November 2014 so it’s a little bit older than the GoogleAssistant in terms of its deployment into the public now since that time wehave seen a number of Echo speakers so this is an Echo Plus the secondgeneration of those but we had an Echo Plus first generation and there havebeen Echo Dots, Echo Shows now so smart displays very similar to what Google hascreated they also have their Fire TV Fire TV sticks, Cubes and the new firetablets as well even have the ability to have Amazon Alexa on boardthey’ve also partnered with companies like Lenovo we even saw them partnerwith Fitbit as well to put Amazon’s voice assistant in one of the newerwatches and then Google bought that so it’ll be very interesting to watch thatbut Amazon has partnered very well with a lot of companies to put their voiceassistant on just a ton of devices Apple Siri has a bit of a different pastbecause really it wasn’t intended for smart speakers like these productswhere it was really intended to start on the Apple iPhone and it did in 2011 withthe 4s the iPhone 4s and we are all the way into talking about an iPhone 12 or aseries of iPhone 12’s here in 2020 so it’s been here a long time what’simportant to know about Siri is while it is had that is also moved into deviceslike the home pod and the other thing to understand about that is its intentionwas much more based on execution of specific things in your life and this issomething that holds true still to this day either way it is very clear that allthree of these companies Google Amazon and Apple have been gearing up and arein the midst of a battle unlike many that we have seen in the tech industrybefore there’s been a few examples like that and I’m sure you guys can name afew and you should leave those down below please but this battle is thosesame three players and this is going to continue for some time so let’s get intosome of the indices that we are going to talk about today these voice assistantsanswer all kinds of questions so that’s number one they are going to answer allkinds of queries questions whether it’s general search or something moredetailed now they’re also intended to be conversational and to progress with yourquestions as you go so that’s kind of the second indicee that we are going totalk about today number three they are intended to increase your productivityso you’re not supposed to have to physically do everything you’re notsupposed to have to sit on your smartphone necessarily or sit attachedto a tablet or a computer number four is the fact that they play multimedia andthis is a major component probably the most popular component of any voiceassistant at this point now the other ones they control your smart home thisis a big deal and part of that ecosystem that we talked about another thing isthey help you to communicate with your friends and family and this is somethingthat has been expanding out further and further as we’ve seen these platformsand the voice assistance mature number seven is kind of a divisive topicbecause they play at this point a major component in terms of privacy in yourlife and in your smart home at this point and the last thing we’re going totalk about is the fact that they need to work everywhere around the world and formost people around the world so let’s start with our first index to talk aboutand that is the ability to answer questions and while multimedia might bethe overall most popular thing that people do with the voice assistance thenumber two and number six and number eight is different types of questionsthat you will ask your voice assistant over time now I could sit here and tellyou all these different results and show you a different results but I don’t needto make this video an hour long what I’m going to use is from a company calledloop Ventures and they do a great test biannually so two times a year herewhere they walk through I think it’s 500 questions for each voice assistant andthe results there are really telling for us in a lot of way here are the latestresults and this is from q2 or the last test in 2019 there’ll be some new testresults out but what you need to know is that Google scored 93 percent accuracySiri was second at 83% and Amazon had accuracy that you could round up to thateighty percent so it kind of goes one two three they’re in a row the detailsare much more interesting though and if we get into just the first index herebasic informational questions you can see that Siri takes a pretty hard hithere and this explains a lot of the public opinion of Siri and why peoplemaybe don’t think of that as the second most accurate voice assistant overallwhat’s happening here is remember they’re more intended to execute thingswithin your life the next thing you might look at is navigation and this iswhere Siri returns to that execution capability and moves up to second veryclose to Google who is clearly running away with this now one thing you mightexpect is that Amazon would do very well inand selling you items but the questions that the use are about general thingsand not just trying to buy something off of Amazon so what happens is Amazonfalls off as a result of that here so if it’s not being sold on Amazon well thenAmazon’s going to struggle a little bit there but here’s the basic thing youshould be getting from all of this I mean we’re talking about the lowestnumber here from Amazon being 80% accurate in five hundred questions andagain the details get a little bit more interesting in Amazon does great ingeneral everyday thing so it really depends what you’re after in terms of ingetting accuracy from your voice assistant right now Google is far andaway the leader and they definitely win this category in terms of being able toanswer your everyday questions they have so many different services to pull fromif you think about all of the different Google services from news finance theirweather services Google search in general their ability to pull all ofthat information together from a cloud service perspective which is what theGoogle Assistant is is pulling from is this cloud service they’re able to pulljust a wealth of knowledge and they own most of the world surf search traffic sothey are clearly far and away the best in this category but in general Siri issecond and it it really comes down to between Amazon and Siri do you want tobe able to get more things like navigation and get to differentbusinesses that’s where Amazon falls down find information about products getto information about products again Amazon’s kind of falling down there andthis is where Siri tends to shine what’s going to become more and more importantis our second indicee here and that is the ability for these voice assistantsto be conversational with us and we saw a little if features come here and therefrom Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistant in terms of being ableto just continue down a thread so they call the continued conversations overhere and Amazon has their mode where you can just without sayingthe wake word continually again and again continued with their follow upmode to ask follow-up questions but there’s a whole other level that iscoming to these voice assistants in terms of their conversational capabilityand I’m going to back go back a couple of years at this point and go back toGoogle i/o where we witnessed the Google Assistant actually making a phone callbeing extremely conversational to the point where the person did not know whowas answering the phone that it was a Google Assistant trying to make anappointment and we saw this multiple times during that Google i/o the verynext year we also saw a Google come out with a different style of conversationalcapability with their pixel devices the squeeze to talk starts in theinteraction and or you can use the wake word therefore their voice assistant andthen you can start a whole thread within there there are pixel devices and I’msure soon to be their Google nest devices they’re smart speakers and smartdisplays where you move so quickly through a number of tasks and a numberof different searches for yourself recent improvements have seen theability for a Google Assistant to remember different places and people andkeep different things within its memory to remind you about different eventslike birthdays you can also have them remember addresses and then it becomes aconversational piece of now how do I get to Grandma’s house instead of how do Iget to end the address that you have to remember so there’s a whole differentlayer that Google is putting in to hit this and really it’s based on some ofthe technologies that they have developed and that technology is whatthey call their own natural language processing and this helps them not onlyinternationally but also with all of the processing behind understanding whatyou’re saying and then responding with the appropriate emotions and behaviorand that’s some of the things that they are talking about as we go forwardemotions responding with that emotion and giving you a whole different levelof conversational capability now moving over to Amazon they’ve built in a verydifferent way and they’re building with the powermany instead of kind of doing everything just in house and what I’d say is Amazonhas done remarkably well at creating partnerships and then findingacquisition opportunities like a great business does and this is what Amazonhas been an exceptionally adept at in the last couple of years to advancetheir language processing capability a great example is actually a recent chatbot competition that I showed on the channel and this is them trying to givecompanies the ability to produce great conversational capabilities and thenshowcase it and then look at ways to work together and to modify and improveAmazon’s voice assistance so this is a very consistent thing they’re doinglet’s chat welcome to the prize a universitycompetition to advance AI hi this isn’t a surprise social bot I don’t think wehave been properly introduced who do I have the pleasure of speaking with Brianhey Brian it’s an enormous pleasure to meet you have we chatted already I’m notsure nope this is our first time I’m happy that you’re back how is it goinggood thanks how are you well I’m always busy as people keep chatting with me allthe time one specific thing that has been so important to Amazon success interms of expanding out understanding dialects understanding differentlanguages is what they call Clio and Clio is essentially a skill that hasbeen deployed in some countries India is a great example where they are deployingthat skill in order to learn a number of different dialects and the differentlanguages that they need to within that country and to go and develop thatconversational capability with the people that speak those languages anddialects Apple’s Siri has made incredible strides and they have a similar growthpattern to Google as well but they’re also not afraid to go out and acquiresomeone to improve themselves as well I mean none of these companies arebut what has happened is their machine learning capabilities have significantlyincreased since 2017 they’ve been showing that growth they actually have aremarkable blog that you can sit and read through and you won’t understand atenth of what they’re saying but really as they move from iOS 10 to 11they made some specific adjustments that will really help Siri going forward sothey moved from something called hidden Markov models to deep mixture densitynetworks and so they called them mdn and this has really improved theconversational capability of Siri and it has improved the learning capabilitiesof Siri as they go forward so as I get more and more data this movement hasallowed them and they ran into a real privacy snare like all of thesecompanies did just about a year ago now when that occurred they all kind of hadto stop handing their data to contractors to review and then go aheadand make adjustments or input information into their data models forthese voice assistants or at least Apple stop that practice right away and thiscapability or this understanding of machine learning and these differenttypes of networks to help the voice assistant grow and change this hasreally enabled them to stop that practice put it on hold at the veryleast and I would say that with Siri I have noticed this distinct improvementespecially from about the middle of 2018 to current times I mean this has reallychanged and that’s where Siri moved in terms of just basic information andresponding appropriately to questions that’s where they started to move aheadof other players in the industry when you get right down to it though rightnow I think the most natural conversational voice assistant is theGoogle Assistant so again their power as a software based company puts them firsthere if you’re not saving time with a voice assistant then I have to ask whatyou’re doing in general and the productivity options are a place whereyou start to get into that ecosystem that each of these voiceassistants give you an entry point into now in this case we’re going to startwith Amazon and their productivity options as long as I’ve had an Amazon Echo device I’ve been able to create lists custom lists no less and I can manage myshopping lists and a to-do list that they give you basic right off the batthere but I can also go ahead and create customized list now this has come out tothe other voice assistants as of late but Amazon has had this for a long timeand they’ve been very adept at managing those lists even to the point where youcan go on one of their smart displays and tap to remove an item from any ofthe lists now they also have have always had reminders timers and alarms or atleast as long as I’ve had these devices in my home that’s a few years at thispoint and all of those things work great they give you the reminders when youneed to and they have started to give you the ability to trigger remindersbased on other actions happening in your smart home which will get more in detailon as we go but in general you can get reminders from different sensors anddifferent skills within the Amazon Alexa voice assistant ecosystem their new notesystem our new notes feature this is relatively new it has the ability totake a note so you can ask it to remember something or take a note thatthis has happened and then you can also recall those and it can be based on whatis almost like a search with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant so you can ask about anynote or any item that has X in the title what do you remember about my dad here’swhat I found dad likes to eat my dad is a poo coos tickle bundt my dad likes toeat poop my dad likes to sniff butts my dad is a poo poo gingerbread man mydad’s a poo poo face my dad watches his hands with poop my dad likes the karatechop poop my dad is a poopoo face with poo poos button my dad makes me eatgross foods did that answer your questionAmazon also has the ability to integrate with three different emailand calendar clients and this is a really important component that I thinkpeople under value a lot in in reviews of these devices because with Google orApple Siri you only really have the ability to integrate with their calendar andtheir email system and Amazon’s giving you access to Google’s, Apple’s andMicrosoft email system in order to manage your daily life and as we move into Apple Siri you know like I said they have the custom list feature now it’s all managed in areminders application which I kind of don’t get but it’s there and you cancreate these custom lists and these custom reminders you have that abilityyou have the ability to create emails on the flight which is exceptionallypowerful on an iPhone you have all of the calendar capabilities that you couldwant but this is all within iOS and there is zero option for moving over toan Android phone getting those notifications or dealing with thosenotifications unless you’re going to create some pretty significantworkarounds and Google does a little bit better than this but they lose some ofthe functions that Amazon has I mean again the email capability is not therethey only have the one they also lose some of the basic functions that Amazonhas there as well their notes taking feature is not yet complete and to thatno really neither is series it’s not really complete either you can’t go inand pull information out of it now I think both of those companies areworking on this but it’s really not there today in a good way and you kindof get responses back from Google like yeah we can’t do that now when you askfor hey what are my notes about my YouTube channel you don’t really getthat I get that here Google Assistant can be set up but not natively as thevoice assistant on an iOS smartphone but you do have access to open the GoogleAssistant have that open and you can go ahead and utilize that on iOS but it isdirectly integrated into Android and that is most of the world smartphonesout there so you have that ability with Google’sAssistant on a smartphone and that’s a really key component to both Apple andand Google here is that their voice assistant can be integrated directly oris the native voice assistant to a set of phones that you will probably use ona regular basis and if you need that this is a major productivity piece thatAmazon really doesn’t have but the reduction in these other productivitycapabilities within the voice assistants is something both Apple and Google haveto catch up on so really in the end here if you need to have that voice assistantat your fingertips and I will say it’s very useful to have it on your smartphone and to be able to execute all of these different things you want if youneed that or you want that then you’re going to want to go with either Googleor Apple depending on the OS that you are comfortable with but if you don’tneed that the actual best productivity options today are still Amazon the mostpopular thing these voice assistants do is to play different types of media nowthat runs the gambit between music video podcasts news books and more and if youlook at these statistics from voice bot AI you can see how important thiscomponent is to your voice assistant now all three voice assistants have a freetier of their music service so Amazon music has a free tier it is paid forthough through ads just like YouTube music which is now being transitioned tofrom Google Play Music and that is obviously on the Google Assistant nowApple has a free tier of a different sort there’s just a couple of stationsreally there so it kind of works a little bit different but you have thatoption and then you have radio stations as well all within the Apple musicapplication now when you go and you compare music services Amazon has morethan anyone in the US but as soon as you get outside of the US that number flipsand Google has more options in a lot of cases so it kind of matters where youare but in general Amazon has a ton of services but if we’re talkingabout their own branded Amazon music service it’s a little bit frustratingand I think that this is mostly what Amazon wants you to use and so over timethey will continue to push people in that direction and so this is the thingthat is the most highly tied to the voice assistance so Amazon music istiered and this is kind of frustrating to me so you have this bass free servicethat is ad supported then you go up to those of you with an Amazon Primesubscription then you have access to most of the music that they have ontheir service and then you have to pay more to move up and the same thing holdstrue when we talk about video services and even the book service you know ifyou want the audible book service over and above just the ability for Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to read you a book well you’re going to have to pay extra forthat as well so there’s a lot of tearing within Amazon services and I think thatpersonally frustrates me I don’t know how you feel about having so manysubscription services and kind of getting hit a few times here and therebut that one kind of bothers me on the Google side what they have done is alittle bit different you know they had Google playing music and that was theirinitial entry they have Google Books or play books is what that was called andplaying movies as well and they have really good integration with Netflix aswell on most of their services so you have this ability to play from all thosedifferent services there are subscription fees for all of that googleplay music and now YouTube music as play music turns into that there’s asubscription service for that but it is not something that is tiered two andthree times to move up they kind of have the free version and then that nextversion and that I like that model a little bit better here and I’m hopingGoogle doesn’t change at anytime soon now after that really the music servicesall are pretty much the same I mean Apple music Google music or YouTubemusic and Amazon’s music services as well theother services that they have access to they really all have the same contentyou have all the abilities to use the voice assistance in the same way it’sreally very similar and I’m sure there’s some nuance that I’m missing with one ofthese voice assistants so go ahead leave that down below because it always helpspeople to read comments like that now what’s really important is how manyspeakers you can play all of this on and how you can hear all of this music andto be honest most of these systems behave in the same way they have anequalizer they give you the ability to control your music or the way it soundsyou can play it on multiple speakers at the same time you can enable and disableBluetooth on these devices and then play from different music services than theones they have available when we talk about music though the really importantcomponent is what you can play it on and I think the difference between all threeof these is the low cost option that both Google and Amazon have reallythere’s not a low cost option in terms of being able to connect your TV withApple’s Siri voice assistant there and there’s really not a low cost option interms of a speaker there’s no Apple Mini or Apple home Mini there’s a Google HomeMini and an Echo Dot and those prices and though that model of speaker givespeople the opportunity to have a lot of speakers throughout their home that arepretty good at this point for the price point and also for the differentcapabilities that you get the other thing is they have the ability toconnect to your TV’s and then use your TVs within those multi speaker audiosystems that these Google and Amazon can produce with their voice assistant andwith their capability now from Apple side the home podobviously is a remarkable speaker it is definitely the best speaker I’ve had inmy home in a long time and there airplay too continues to get rolled out to moreand more television sets more and more speakers and it’s giving them morecapabilities and more abilities to stream that music content that they giveyou access to but they are still lagging behind in that low cost option and thismakes it really difficult for people to create those whole home audio systemswithout spending a ton but where it really starts to separate is in terms ofvideo and that’s just because these companies all do things very differentlyin video and they have access to different things on video now we talkedabout Google’s Chromecast and that gives you the ability to stream not only fromthe voice control interface but from your smart phone as an interface thatreally becomes your remote and then you can almost cast anything any sort ofsource to a chromecast so this becomes really powerful for you if you wantaccess to any service and it’s also very inexpensive we’re gonna flip that on itshead and I’m gonna talk about a ton of new products that work with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant as well as a number of new features for you thanks for tuningin again I’m Brian from automate your life and today I’m going to take thefrustration out of automation by keeping you up to date with Amazon Alexa voiceassistant and their entire suite of smart home products it’s a hard thing tokeep track one big thing that Google has done really well with that too is youcan transfer so if you’ve started a video here and you want to transfer itto a chromecast you can actually just request that through the voiceassistance so if you’re watching a really long YouTube video like this oneor a Netflix show and you want to go and transfer that you can actually justrequest that and move throughout your home when we talk about Amazonsystem well what we get is a fire TV device they have a stick they have thestick 4k they have a cube now they have sound bars they have TVs with thisservice actually embedded in it and all of this gives you access to a ton ofdifferent services and usually their little Alexa voice assistant enabled remotenow that remote to be honest the voice control capability is not that goodbasic searches can sometimes fail and they just don’t have great control oftheir overall platform with that voice component of the remote but the remoteitself is fantastic it still has ended up being my primarystreaming method in my smart home in the end so that’s the one I’ve ended upchoosing there’s some little frustrations and you know the hometheater component that does make up for a lot you can pair your speaker’s with afire TV 4k in a and a cube and then you have this great home theater system withyour smart speakers and there they’re having this dual purpose that’s great itmakes up for a ton of this but I hate that I am getting ads on almost anyvideo I play I’m getting an Amazon Prime ad now and a prime show ad so they wantme to go and join prime and make sure I’m on that and that’s starting to get alittle bit frustrating and the inability to control properly with that voiceassistant component of that remote is getting a little

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