– Hey guys, this isAustin, and welcome to yet another episode of KenWastes Our Money on Amazon.

This time, with an impressive $20 budget.

You really kept yourselfkinda in-check this time.

Single hand–is this a knife? What’d you get a knife for? Let me guess, when you got $20 to work with, you get a little violent.

(laughs) All right, that’s got some power.

Um, I do have to ask though, how is this mystery tech? This is just a really cool-looking knife.

So if you’re interested in the measure one-handed openingknife, how much was this? Twenty bucks! A relative bargain.

Item number two: a pillow? New cosplay.

Ken, what did you do, what did you do? Oh, it’s pink, I don’t like pink.

(laughs) Oh no.

We all know what’sgonna happen now, right? So, Ken, can I ask, how much was this? Twenty dollars, yet again.

A wonderful Ken Bolito purchase that I’m totally not regretting letting him use the company card for.

What is our next item? Okay, you’re just not even trying now.

So we can see this is a customs declaration from Hong Kong post.

Before we open this, Ken, can you confirm, is this actually tech yet, or no? – [Ken] Yes.

(gasp) – You got me two bitcoin! How much were these? Twenty thousand dollars? (laughs) They’re actual bitcoin.

Hey Ken, I got you a raise.

It’s one whole bitcoin.

Who said bitcoin wasn’t real currency? I’m sure I can go and spendthis in my local bitcoin store.

So we’ve got our bitcoin, we’ve got our onesie, we’ve got our knife.

I’m afraid to ask, what’s next? Why are you bringing over Cheetos? Okay, the world’s smallest vacuum.

Okay, this is actually kind of tech.

How much is this? – [Ken] Twenty.

– I think you overpaid.

(laughs) So you know, when you watchthese videos, it’s like, Oh, how to waste $60 on Amazon, how to waste $100 on Amazon.

You’re like, ha, that’s kinda dumb.

But literally, Ken wastedall of our money on Amazon.

Also, I just gotta say that my ankles are incredibly unhappy right now, just because like this is way too small.

So just know that whileI look ridiculous up top, downstairs, whole ‘nother story.

(laughs) (laughter offscreen) (vacuum whirring) Well I have Cheeto all over my hands.

Oh wow, that actuallykinda works, a little bit.

This is my life now.

(vacuum whirring) Anyway, I’d like to thankyou all for tuning in to this episode of Idon’t know what happened.

Ken probably has more products.

I’m probably not done, but it makes me feel better thinking that I actually might be done with this video right now.

A smart watch? Just when I think I’mabout to lose all hope, Ken drops the hot new tech on me.

How much was this? – [Ken] Twenty.

– Twenty bucks! All right, you know what, let’s just, enough of this.

Let’s get rid of all this crap.

I like how the box just says Smart Watch as if, you know, you need to know anything more than it was a smart watch.

Put this next to the AppleWatch, though, and you can see that it’s a little bitthicker, some might say.

All right, our smartwatch is up and running.

Wait, what? Insert sim.

Oh, oh, we’re gonnainsert a sim all right.

Oh, T-mobile, we are up and online.

And by online, I mean, we have a sim card and a $20 smart watch because we make poor decisions I guess.

Ken, hit me with your digits.

Hello? – [Ken] Hello? – You were really quiet.

This is the quietest phonecall I’ve ever been on.

You can hear me.

– [Ken] (mumbling) – I can’t understand three words that you’re saying right now.

Is the $20 smart watch good? Not particularly.

Is it better than the other tech that Ken got for this video? Absolutely.

Next item please.

Okay, a mysterious blackbox that says Sound Cube.

Oh, a speaker, all right.

Oh, that actually looks kinda cool.

So it’s all metal around the outside, you gotta soft rubber foot on the inside.

Curious what it actually sounds like.

(rattling and buzzing) Ugh! Wha–? (warbled sound) You couldn’t even plan this.

It’s like everything is either terrible, it’s a joke from Ken, or it doesn’t work.

Okay, we’re back up.

(warbled music and static) I’m gonna try one morething, I’m gonna try one more thing, becauseit worked for a second.

It worked for like one second.

– [Speaker] Hey guys, this is Austin, and today, my mission is very simple: to find the weirdest tech of CES 2018.

And, uh, should be pretty easy.

– Okay.

– A lot of weird stuff here.

So the razor booth is incredible– – That actually does work.

(warbled speech and static) It just breaks up for a few seconds.

Okay, got it.

Well, you almost got it, Ken.

You were very close.

Um, please tell me we’re almost done, because this suit is incredibly warm.

I’ve been informed that I need a laptop for this particular product.

How much is this? – [Ken] Seven dollars.

– Seven bucks? Okay.

Seven bucks is better.

(laid back music) Is that really it? Oh! (laughs) So if for some reason you’ve made it this far through thevideo, and want even more, feel free to subscribe to the channel where Ken can torment me even more with this really, really dumb stuff.

Anyway guys, thank youso much for watching.

And I’m going to goreconsider my life decisions.

(laid back music).

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