how do you get good ideas to sell onAmazon what’s the process to getting good ideas is it just purely on researchdo you just rely on the software that gives you ideas well the answer to thatis actually a little bit more complicated we’re going to be talkingabout that plus

much much more stay with me we’ll be back in a second good tohave you back all right so you get ideas because I get this question all the timepeople say you know what’s the do I have to be passionate about this particularproduct that I’m selling on Amazon all

right does it just need to be makingmoney or do you know do I have to be passionate about it what if I what ifI’m vegetarian and I’m jumping on a meat slicer okay what if I am selling a golfrelated product and I’ve never played golf with my heart

in my life right sothe answer to that is it helps if you aren’t passionate about it because ifyou are passionate about it you know a little bit more about it you’re not justsome you know oh you know Joe Blow or Jane Jane blue right who just jumps on

aniche just for the sake of jumping up because of money you’re jumping upbecause you are passionate about it and maybe you know a little bit more insightinsight into it years ago I was doing importing training I should show peoplehow to find products in China bring him along and

sell them in Australia and inthe US and what I found was we had electricians coming to much we’replumbers coming to us and I said you know when I got its great idea the ideais I use this thing at work it’s like this little valve this little valve hereand

when I put the valve in it is something you know it could be improvedit could I can make it better I can make a fast I can make a cheaphook-and-ladder you know and they they kind of knew their product they knewwhat people wanted you know I had a

very very excited Caravan camping so peopletraveled around Australia in his Terry rounds they said you know what I’mtraveling around 24/7 and I’m missing this and this and this and they haven’tinvented it yet and I want to ventless right so because they are inthe niche they kind of know

what it’s missing and that’s kind of what you dothat’s kind of you probably heard that expression you know if you want to ifyou want to be a millionaire solve a million problems run for a millionpeople and it’s the same thing with with Amazon find products that solve problemsbecause

the problems could already exist out there and is existing problems a bitwith with existing products for the products are crapall right the products are rubbish and they don’t work right so you’re gonnacome in and prove that product you could modify the product you can bundle theproduct make it

better you can add more things to the product right you couldyou can add more value to the product you can market it better better imagesbetter headline better copyright there’s so many things you can do with that withthe existing problems now the problem doesn’t have yet a solution a

productfor them you can go down the Avenue of inventing now the issue with that ispeople get carried away alright people get carried away they spend so muchmoney on in trying to invent something brand new the the faster way of gettingsomething on Amazon is actually find something that’s already

selling asopposed to trying to invent something new so if you’re if you’re an inventorlike if you’re an inventor and that’s your your bread and butter then alrightyou have a huge advantage right but if you’re not an inventor I would just dropit just drop it right foot focus getting

something first on Amazon that’s alreadyselling that’s already profitable learn how to bundle it learn how to mark thebetter better images better copy learn how to advertise it but a little how toimprove it or add value do that first maybe for your third product for yourfifth product all right

add some invent something okay now we’ve got clientsthat are up to that 4/5 products right and they’re in discussion right nowabout trying something new inventing something new you know going on toolingcosts or molding costs or creating a pattern for a particular fabric right ifthey’re inventing something new but

but they’ve already got experience sellingon Amazon and that’s exactly the thing I’ll tell you get experience of sellingon Amazon get it listed start start generating some sales and then later onyou can start invent now that you got more experience you can print somethingbrand brand-new okay but yeah hopefully

that sort of answeredsome questions that’s and that’s a common question you know we often get usso by the way if you are wanting to jump on a particular product and you needsome help give us a call in the office or visit our website for some freetraining but it

just just to summarize you don’t have to be passionate aboutthe product but it helps it massively does help have a great day

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