Hello Friends and welcome back to another video.

Today’s video is going to be a sort of Korean K-beautyhaul from Amazon, I really love Korean or K-beauty anyway and I lovethat it’s so fun and I love that it’s really more skincare orientated inKorea all the girls who do makeup have such flawless skin! I watch a lotof Korean beauty videos anyway and just the skincare I just love how they liketake so much care and do their skincare routine like they’re a spa I just thinkit’s so fun I just really really love K-beauty and I got this from AmazonPrime and I’m so surprised it came in just a couple of days because inquarantine and like isolation obviously everyone’s just ordering online and mysister’s friend’s Dad works in like the Royal Mail and he’s saying that it’sbusier than Christmas and that is just mind blowing.

I’m also so excited to see what the packaging of the products is going to be like because in Korean beauty it’svery focused on packaging and it’s really kawaii and like there’s some animethings and I just really love it and they’re like really bright colours andfaces and animals and shapes it’s all just really funky and I mean you can useit as decoration too it’s a win-win! Let’s get into the opening of the packagethese are really tiny scissors I’m so excitedokay so I’ve seen a lot of these products on like YesStyle and in K-beauty videos okay so the first thing I’m just going to rip try it in is thismeme (someone please tell me how to pronounce thesethings) a clay carbonated bubble mask and it has a little sheep on it! Next is this Dear Darling lip tint from Etude House and oh my goodness it’s packaged like a little lollipopwell like the packaging is a lollipop this is so cute! How do you get it out though? So this is the Lip Tint look how cute that is! It’s a little like ice lolly I’m socurious to see how this opens.

So this is the Lip Tint look at how cute it is it’s got the little Etude House logo.


my! So K-Beauty is really popular especially their lip tints and stuff.

So I’m really excited for this one because it’s really popular and it’s theLaneige special care lip sleeping mask and I’ve seen this everywhere.

Wow it’sreally big I did not expect for it to be that big it’s got some instructions ohmy goodness it comes with a small spatula so cute.

It comes with the littlespatula Oh my goodness that’s so cute! Iwant to try this and that’s really The next really popular one is the Cosrx low PH good morning cleanser and this is a really gentle one I know I’ve like seena lot of people using these on YouTube.

I think skincare of Hyram like recommends this one a lot and so it’s just like a gentle one for the morning.

So in themorning I’m only using just some warm water or cold water and splash iton my face because I don”t want to over strip my face and I’m getting a few spots up here and on my jaw line so I think that this would be good.

Next is this really cute little like jellyfish facial scrubber thing fromEtude House which is the same brand as the lip tint and it has a little dude onit and then it’s like got a sponge at the bottom and it’s got anexfoliater bit on the top and it’s so cute – really squishing itfeels like a marshmallow I always see those like Foreo and vibrating facialcleansers and like cleanser brush things but this one was a lot more reasonablypriced and it pretty much just the same thing you just like move around likethat and just to get a bit of a deeper clean if you’ve like wore a bit moremakeup or if you just feel like your skin really needs a good good scrubwithout using an exfoliator to over strip the skin.

How cute is this little Jellyfish Guy? I’m going to call him Clive, and you may see him popping up in videos from now on.

So the prices of these were allrelatively reasonable this was £9.

08 This was £7.

53, this lip tint.

Clive was £7.


The mask was £9.

99 which itlooks like quite a good size so I think that’s a really good price and the lowpH cleanser was £13.

49 and Cosrx is a really nice brand.

Just a disclaimer I amreviewing these all on my own I’ve not been sponsored this is not a sponsoredvideo I just wanted to review these for you guys and get some cool products.

Sofirst I’m going to try the Laneige berry sleeping lip mask I’m not about to go tosleep but I think a lot of people use it as a lip balm anyway so this is hershe’s quite she she’s big she’s quite thicc.

I wish you guys could smell thisit smells like caramel and strawberries which doesn’t sound like a very nicecombination but let me tell you it is Thick but it’s not too thin and it’sjust so nice if it was really luxurious on my lips and it smells like berrieswhich is a win-win so I will definitely be using this as a regular lip balm andevery night and it’s definitely worth the purchase or repurchase and I believethey do other flavors as well.

Next is this Etude House dear darling lip tintit’s a really pretty pinky purple color I’m gonna try doing ombre lip though youjust twist the thing but it’s got like a lock cap things it doesn’t obviouslyleak everywhere and then you just oh this is so cuteokay this smells like grape I’m just gonna go straight in for it and try to do an ombre style lip.

So as you can see it’s really naturalyou don’t get the cakey effect like you do of lipstick it’s not too heavy andyou don’t get that stickiness or like the gluey feeling that you get with lipgloss it’s not gritty or glittery it’s just natural.

So I’m super excited to tryout these products and because obviously as I’ve said it is more skin care orientated and that’s really what intrigues me to see how those girls get such clearskin.

So just a little index to my skin it’s quite dry my cheeks and chin andquite oily in my t-zone and I have very sensitive skin and I had eczema a lotwhen I was a baby and it still pops up every now and then if I use somethingtoo harsh or something that my skin hasn’t gotten used to so we’ll see how this goesbut it’s supposed to be a super gentle cleanser so it should be fine.

I amwearing concealer, bronzer, future dew and some cloud paint.

So this contains tea tree which is really good if you have some blemishes.

Now i’ve done thisI’m going to rinse.

I’ve got it in my mouth! It tastes horrible! I do not recommend getting it in your mouth.

So my skin does look quite plump don’t worry about the red I always getthat just with warm water and just because I moved my face aroundthat’s how sensitive my skin gets.

It doesn’t feel like sting-y or too oversensitized or stripped feels nice and plump.

Now we’re using the Meme claymask.

That was not smooth as I wanted it to be.

There we go.

Awh this is so cute! Look- it’s got a sheep on it.

I love sheep if I could be an animal I’d probably be a sheep or a bird because I could fly.

So I’m just gonna put it on my face now and this bubbles up and I’ve seen theseon Instagram before.

It’s tingly and itchy but not in like a sensitive way I can feel the bubbles like coming out it feels so strange and I’ve seen these on Instagramand they go massive like they suffocate you with bubblesso oh my goodness I want to itch my face! So now I’m just going to rinsethis off and it feels so tickly it makes me look like I’ve got really chubbycheeks so I definitely recommend this my skin feels so soft and not only that itwas so fun to apply and play with and I was playing with the bubbles on my facewhile it was you know foaming up and it felt really cool.

So I recommend K-beautyfor everyone anyway if you just want a bit of fun and products that really dowork and look amazing it’s just a win-win I highly highly recommend K-beauty.

Amazon YesStyle Aliexpress doesn’t ship to the UK but I know it does it to theUS all of those are amazing.

So that’s a bye from me and Clive lots of love! Onelike is a hug for Clive.

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