IPTV Box Asian Live Channels Receiver Box

IPTV Box Asian Live Channels Receiver Box


£139.99 £129.99

IPTV Box Asian Live Channels Receiver Box with Playback and VOD Functions, Chinese / Cantonese / Japanese / India/ Vietnamese/ Korean Programs 港台 大陸 日韓 越南 印度 印尼 新馬 新聞體育電視劇頻道





  • Best IPTV box for Chinese/Asians to watching TV, no subscription fee. 華人/亞洲人看電視首選,免訂閱費 , 信號非常穩定的電視盒子
  • Mplay IPTV box support many live channels from Asian counties and US. The playback channels supports the content of the program for the past week. Have 10000+ VOD programs and update everyday. 支持直播,回播,點播. 海量影視資源,滿足你的所有需求。
  • Support a variety of program types. Such as News, Sports, TV series, Kids, Food and so on. Send message to seller to ask for all channels list. 支持多種節目類型: 新聞、體育、電影、電視劇、綜藝、兒童、美食、戶外…
  • Buyer can return product within 1 month, and we support four types of after-sales contact information. No need to worry about usage and after-sales issues at all. 不用擔心售後問題。We have described how to use the product. If you have any questions, please contact the seller and we will send you a detailed usage guide. 我們已經描述了產品的使用方法,如果你有問題請聯繫賣家,我們會發送詳細的使用指南給你。
  • When Mpaly shown main page, press “6868” on remote to install APPs, this steps is very important. 當Mplay處於主界面時,按遙控器上的“6868”按鈕安裝APP,這是非常重要的步驟


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